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I like your face.
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ugh i want janoskis or vans so bad 😭

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my uncle took this picture of my other uncle and an octopus. ok if anyone else ever asks me why i didn’t learn how to swim its bc of shit like this. but this picture’s pretty fuckin rad ok bye.

still in love with this song

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the second i see her, touch her, kiss her, hold her.. i know i’ll fall in love. you guys just wait and see

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Anonymous asked: Can we be more than homies?

We can be homies.

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Anonymous asked: Seems like you've been getting a lot of undeserved shit through anon, so I thought I'd just say that even though I don't know you too well, I think you're pretty rad and would totally hang with you if I could.

This was sweet. You’re a pretty rad dude, anon.

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Anonymous asked: Idk. I probably should just leave you alone anyway. You seem like you have a lot going on rn. I just want to get know you. Idek dude.

Well come off anon and we can be homies?

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Anonymous asked: Lol, well check them its kinda obvi.

No it’s not?

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Anonymous asked: Ugh this is a struggle. How about you check your messages dumbo


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Anonymous asked: I can promise you I will love you better. I've liked you for four months. I had you and let you go.. because I was oblivious to what was in front of me. I could get you back no problem babes.


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